Author : Terran Williams

Reviewed by : ADJ


...I must admit that, as I personally have not spent significant time diving deeper into the bible and the many considerations required to fully understand all the factors at play with each verse of the bible, I feel overwhelmed by the detail in every point of comparison between complementarianism and egalitarianism.


Lastly, I need to note here that I am very aware of us all having our own ideas of HOW GOD SEES WOMAN, but I am very grateful for this book as it does speak to me on a very personal level, and it helps me fully comprehend and acknowledge the work done by all the woman in my life as well as those incredible individuals who have shaped history.


I sincerely hope that by taking the time to read this book, you can see that the Love of Jesus and His love for every single one of us is THE ULTIMATE WINNER – I am blessed to have read this book and I thank Terran for taking a bold step into a discussion that many churches usually avoid having an open discussion about.


“This book is honest, humble, scholarly, challenging. As I read I could not help but think that what Lee Strobel sought to do to atheism in writing “The Case for Christ”, Terran does here to complementarian theology: making it an increasingly indefensible position for any who seek to be shaped by the evidence.”

– Katia Adams, Author of Equal and Senior Pastor of The Table Boston


 “Terran has done what I hope every Christian (and certainly every pastor) will do—study for oneself what the Scriptures say about gender and female leadership, including understanding views from all sides. How God Sees Women is a compelling narrative of one dedicated theologian’s humble search for truth as well as a full-scale study in complementarian and egalitarian theologies and practices.”

– Kadi Cole, Author of Developing Female Leaders


“With relentless and honest logic and an insider understanding of both positions, Terran offers an engagingly written and well-organized argument for gender mutualism. I gained fresh insights as I read the evidence that compelled him to change his own view.”

– Dr. Craig Keener, Editor of ‘The NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible’ and 2020 president of The Evangelical Theological Society


“This is a timely book and deserves a wide readership. I especially hope that brothers will absorb its message and live the grace-filled lives within the community of faith that God has always intended for them.”

– Dr. Paul R Alexander, president of Trinity Bible College and Graduate School, USA; chair of World Alliance for Pentecostal Theological Education


“In this book, perhaps the best on the subject, Terran answers a crucial question of our time. He plumbs the depths of Scripture to rediscover the heights to which women were always meant to rise.”

– Daniel and Starla Webster, Pastors of City Lights Church, Dubai