I am a father, a husband and I would like to believe, an accomplished businessman

But I do feel that I have a long way to go in order to achieve my deep seated objectives or goals I set myself in life. For this reason, I decided to use the best selling title of my favourite corporate author, Jim Collins.

His book GOOD TO GREAT was not only a groundbreaking and time-consuming deep dive into the X factors possessed by the most successful enterprises of the past 100 years or so, but if you are able to read it more than once, you will see the hidden messages that not even he was aware of when it was first published. 

Now, for this very shallow dive into a bit of my testimony, (I don’t want to get unnecessarily deep into my story), I will bring you back to the hidden messages from Jim's book that tie nicely into the way I like to conduct myself daily.

Very broadly put, my whole family faces incredible challenges daily : resulting in an ability and/or a learned gifting of being able to bob and weave around the many potential societal/cultural and religious potholes we face along the way.

Simply put, our testimony as a family is one of perpetual battles being waged in ‘‘The lion’s den of life’’ – each battle helping us become stronger and equipping us for the ultimate WAR OVER SATAN.

Let me begin by saying that my beautiful, deeply spiritual and loving children have always done things that make complete sense to my wife and I. Now admittedly, while we may not agree with the decisions made, we do see the thought pattern behind the decisions.

COVID has done some nasty work on this planet – financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

That said, as a family, we have managed to find ways to get closer to each other - through some distressing issues

Like clockwork, once one issue was handled, the next would arrive. My family has dealt with numerous life threatening illnesses, eating disorders, gender dysphoria concerns as well as the threat of financial ruin and regular questions of faith and whether God has deserted us.

It has been a wild ride but I am delighted to say that HE NEVER DESERTED US. In fact, I am happy to say that, with the troughs came some incredible peaks on this 2 year rollercoaster of emotional adventure. The peaks are not important for me to list here, but all I want to say now is that the love of Christ is tangible in my life and I hope to dedicate and honour Him more and more everyday that I live.


I have come to understand and actively pray daily the following prayer.


  • THE WISDOM TO UNDERSTAND who I am right now...


  • THE COURAGE REQUIRED to be a better person today than I was yesterday.

You know what - This prayer is so very simple, yet practically impossible to fulfil daily. I have days where I immediately feel myself diverted off this daily journey to better myself, while some days I simply look at the person I became the day before and get confused over actions taken.

This is when I acknowledge the fact that I am only human and will regularly make mistakes in my journey to become a better person in the end. This is when I take comfort in the scriptures in particular.

12 Disciples made so many mistakes – Let Jesus down regularly yet constantly put their lives at risk to better themselves and lead a life as God wanted them to.

I think of Job and so many other Old Testament characters, like David, Ruth, Rebecca, Joseph etc etc constantly let our Lord down..

Besides Jesus, every single one mentioned in our glorious Book of Good News was a sinner.


Getting back to the Jim Collins book, I only want to point out that success (in whatever way you want to measure it....as a husband, as a business owner, as a church leader or simply measuring your own success by the way you treat others around you) 

GOOD TO GREAT makes it very clear that every road to success has the same building blocks as any other journey.

But lets all strive to be better people tomorrow than we were today....